Polycrete (Polymer Concrete) lifting or pump station   

UNFCF Polycrete(Polymer Concrete) Pumping & lifting stations are based on customers requirement and design in compliance with International Standard BS EN 14636-2 & National Standard.

Application: Drainage and Sewerage system

Product Range :DN 1200 to DN 3600 mm Depth to invert  according to project specification.

Advantages: Property of polycrete (Polymer Concrete) and  innovative design of UNFCF pumping and lifting station has the advantages :

  1. Corrosion Resistance (Ph1 to Ph 10)no additional protection required.
  2. Polycrete pumping and lifting station is a monolithic product including all required pipe connectors / stubouts with push fit and  flange system up to depth of 3.3meters in one unit.
  3. Fast and easy erection and installation with less manpower , equipments and time


lifting or pump station
lifting or pump station